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Training & Consultation

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A great digital marketing strategy is necessary to ensure the survival of any business. In order to create and deploy a successful growth strategy, you must be familiar with many aspects of the online environment. If you think you're are not keeping up with the latest trends in the digital world and want to evolve or improve your expertise in digital marketing, feel free to contact us! We will help you with customized private training courses for you and your team. 


1-1 Consultation

Are you a professional who is involved in the planning, implementation, or measurement of digital marketing strategies and tactics for a business you are working for? Or you would like to pursue a career in digital marketing? In both cases, I can help you enrich your knowledge and expertise with private, dedicated, custom-made lessons.

Digital Marketing Strategies - Advanced Certified Course by ACTΑ - Trailer
Skillbox Greece

Digital Marketing Strategies - Advanced Certified Course by ACTΑ - Trailer

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Corporate/ Group Training

Does your marketing team need help with digital marketing? Do you have the perfect team but you lack the project management skills to organize their everyday tasks on digital marketing-related activities? Do you think you would make the most of some dedicated digital marketing courses customized to your company's needs? Then you should contact us!


Online Seminars for the Greek Market

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 Take a look at some custom-made seminars for the Greek market, powered by

The seminars are self-paced, online through Skillbox, and in Greek. At the end of the seminar, you will also get a certification. We always update the content so we are in line with the digital marketing trends. 

Iosifidis Anestis, Owner at Gateway Computers

"I had a 3month training with very useful dedicated workshops for my business, with throughout explanation of every digital channel I could exploit. Every business needs these training seminars, either for hands-on practice or for supervising your partners. Thank you, Eleni!"

Giorgos Eleftheriadis, Dance Instructor

"After our first meeting with Eleni, I felt that I had everything I needed to create my own ads for the first time in my life. Apart from the technical details, she provided me, she managed to fill me with confidence!"

Sophia Spyriadou, Marketing Director at Synemporio SA

"Thank you for the very useful seminar and the valuable knowledge! Thanks for the tips that will enhance our skills! The training with Eleni was a beautiful experience as the sweet way she imparts her knowledge reveals that it was the right choice!"