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Giorgos Eleftheriadis (Jorge) is a passionate dance instructor who loves the Afro-Cuban culture and teaches Salsa/Timba - Rumba - Reggaeton. He pays attention to detail, he is very dedicated to ensuring that his students exceed their personal goals, and most importantly, he is patient, kind and makes dancing fun and informative. He teaches individuals, couples, and groups!

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The goal

Increase Dance Class Bookings via Messenger Ads

Services Provided

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Jorge and I had some coaching sessions to develop a strategy according to his goals, discussed the ideal target audience that he could reach via Facebook, and we had several discussions about optimizing his campaigns.

Let's talk!

Book a FREE 30' Consultation with me to discuss on your fairy tale.


Leads Generated with New Messaging Conversations Started


In 2 months period


of the Leads generated, became Opportunity Leads


of the Opportunity Leads became Customers


Giorgos Eleftheriadis, Dance Instructor

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Many will tell you that Facebook ads don't work. Well, I will tell you that they work! As long as you have people next to you with knowledge and experience to guide you properly. After our first meeting with Eleni, I felt that I had everything I needed to create my own ads for the first time in my life. Apart from the technical details, she provided me, she managed to fill me with confidence! A discussion that really opened my horizons and helped me see what I already had in my hands from another point of view and realize the unlimited opportunities I had. 

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